Quince from Hungary


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Quince from Hungary


from producer


Self-produced quince for sale.
Quince is produced in central Hungary which is one of the most important fruit production area of the country due to the ideal combination of nutrient-rich soil and high number of sunshine hours (over 2.000 annually). Our fields produce - of course depending on the weather in a particular year - approximately 35-40 tons of fruits.
Due to our almost 2 decades of experience in quince production we can assure high quality, aromatic and juicy quinces.
We are happy to take orders from retailers, juice or brandy makers, fruit processing plants, etc.


You can place an order all year around. The actual year’s prices are available from mid-September. Prices can vary depending on the demand and supply of the particular year as well as on the size of the order. Minimum order quantity outside of Hungary is 5 tons. Delivery depends on preliminary agreement: the fruits can either be picked up in Kecskemet, Hungary or they can be delivered to to the desired destination. In both cases we can support you on the administration concerning the Hungarian road transportation control system (EKAER). The buyer is the cost bearer of the transportation. Only fresh, whole, fruits are picked. We can offer 2 different delivery unit options:

Plastic fruit box

Size: 600 × 400 × 300 mm (L × W × H)

Appr. 23-25 kg quince / box.

Deposit: 4,1 € / box, which is refunded when boxes are returned to us in intact condition.

If you have the same type of plastic box, exchange also works.

Plastic net bag

Appr. 30-32 kg quince / bag

Net bag is free of charge.

If you would like to order quince, please fill out the form below.


from 5.000 kg            0,80 €/kg

Price above does not include transportation cost.
Minimum order quantity outside of Hungary is 5 tons.
Payment is by cash or bank transfer.